New Album! 

Our new album will be ready for the release at the end of this summer! We'll be sure to keep you updated on our CD realest party/show. 

New Album: Gallery 

We go into the studio May 2018 to begin work on our fifth project, Gallery. John Zumwalt Stephen at Springs Theater and Recording in Sulfur Springs, Fl will be having us in again for a full weekend of laying sound. We'll keep you posted on our progress and leak some early tracks down the line.



We're crazy thrilled thrilled to announce that our song, Play With Love, has been selected for placement in the upcoming Independent Feature Film, #wanderlust! We're grateful and so excited to be a part of this project!! Learn more about the film at and Like their Facebook page for upcoming screenings.
We're glad you're here! Please take some time to listen to our music, learn more about us and the band and look to see where we'll be performing next. We love to hear from our fans, friends and family, so be sure to leave us a message too.

American Song Box is a powerhouse Americana/Folk/Rock group of eclectic artists, writers and musicians with a focus on diverse material and great live shows.

ASB harnesses the original essence of sound and utilizes the rhythm of life at seven beats per second to project a raw and uninhibited emotion that the human spirit is subconciously attracted to while adhering to the chemical response of individual synapses that are connected to the invisible and universal guidlines that animate and bind all things.

Since their inception in 2009 they've released four albums: Some From The Rift 2011, What It Is 2013, What Is And Never Was 2017, and The Bottom 2017. They begin work on their fifth project, Gallery, this May 2018.

Their single, Play With Love, off of the 2016 What Is And Never Was, was chosen for placement in the 2017 Independent Feature Film, #WANDERLUST.

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